102.9 Lite FM WLTE Makes it’s first debut LIVE In Concert!



Since yesterday, 102.9 FM Lite FM WLTE (Wausau Wisconsin) made its first debut LIVE in a concert series. Here’s a review of the performers music and songs:

1. “I’ve Had The Tine of My Life “- Song by: Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
2. “She’s Like The Wind” – Song by: Patrick Swayze
3. “You don’t own me” – Song by: The Blow Monkeys
4. “Hungry Eyes” – Song by: Eric Carmen

Sometime in the feature, there will be another concert series just like yesterday’s broadcast on 102.9 Lite FM WLTE. And what can we expect from them?

“Better songs from the performers!” Says Jim Crawford to WordPress.com earlier today. “We love concerts!” He adds.

Listen to the All New 102.9 Lite FM WLTE 24/7 for all your light rock favorites every day. And keep up to date for more news as well.

End of News Report

Story Writer: Jim Crawford


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