POPSUGAR LIVE In Central Wisconsin (Episode 1 Premiere Event)


Last Saturday May 24th 2014, this video for POPSUGAR LIVE In Central Wisconsin was created. Here’s the repeat addition Encore Series. Enjoy!


Special News Report From CNN NEWS (More Rain on The Way.)


(WISCONSIN RAPIDS WI) Forecasters and Meteorologists are reporting lots of heathy rain in the west part of Wisconsin Rapids and Marshfield areas today all morning long and most of the afternoon also. People in those areas should stay away from areas that are flooded, but some don’t listen. One news reporter person said this:

“We can see a person in a blue SUV mini van who crashed right into another persons vehicle and – OH MY GOD! Now the SUV person is now speeding away from the scene.” Said CNN NEWS reporter, Marry White, reporting from Wisconsin Rapids in the downtown area. And adds, “Police will need to have a talk with that guy in the SUV sometime soon if they see him.”

Don’t try anything you see like that or read about in this article at your own home.

CNN NEWS Story writer: Jim Crawford