The Tom and Ben Show New Series From April 22nd 2015


On April 22nd 2015, The Tom and Ben Show debuted on Entertainment LIVE Network Wisconsin on YouTube. Then a long while later sometime on June 19th 2015 the show did on encore on Entertainment Network LIVE on YouTube. Here’s the full video of the show attached below.




NewsLine 9 now has a new home! 7/15/2015


WAOW TV 9 from Wausau Wisconsin just announced a new NewsLine 9 at 9:00 PM just last week on July 6th 2015. Anchored by news reporter Nancy Yousef this brand new newscast was debuted on July 6th 2015. Another good reason to watch this show is if you tune in to the CW network. Here are the three different ways to watch the CW network for the NewsLine 9 at 9 PM.

Over the air Channel – 9-2 CW

Charter TV – Channel 14 CW

Dish Network and Directv 

Channel 10 CW

Most of the same CW network will be the same TV station just on different channels. If you can’t get the signal on over the air like 9-2, get a different cable or satellite network provider. That’s the best way to go. But sometimes that can happen, and sometimes over the air signals may and can and could be out of area range. 

That’s it for now! Have a good day!

Reporter: Jim Crawford