The New Mini Mall at Meadow House in Plover Wisconsin Has a BIG Christmas Sale!


Starting today, the new Mini Mall at Meadow House in Plover Wisconsin is having a BIG Christmas Sale! Every item is worth the same price.

The Grocery Store Center: All Items $10,00
The Storage Unit Center: All items $20,00
The Christmas Store Center: All items $30,00
The Antique Store Center: All items $40,00

Get them while they still last!

Reporter: Jim. Crawford


Another NBC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT is on the way tomorrow!


As of tomorrow afternoon, another (yet again) NBC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT will be on the way. Talking Tom and Talking Ben the news anchors will be anchoring the newscast. If not, then who else will do the newscast for the Special Report?

We’ll have to find out tomorrow when there’s time. In the mean time, let’s hope everyone have a safe and a great night.

Jim Crawford

Special News Report From CNN NEWS (More Rain on The Way.)


(WISCONSIN RAPIDS WI) Forecasters and Meteorologists are reporting lots of heathy rain in the west part of Wisconsin Rapids and Marshfield areas today all morning long and most of the afternoon also. People in those areas should stay away from areas that are flooded, but some don’t listen. One news reporter person said this:

“We can see a person in a blue SUV mini van who crashed right into another persons vehicle and – OH MY GOD! Now the SUV person is now speeding away from the scene.” Said CNN NEWS reporter, Marry White, reporting from Wisconsin Rapids in the downtown area. And adds, “Police will need to have a talk with that guy in the SUV sometime soon if they see him.”

Don’t try anything you see like that or read about in this article at your own home.

CNN NEWS Story writer: Jim Crawford

Your Weather Today The Mini Series Is Coming To YouTube Today!



As a Short Episode, (about 10 to 15 minutes) Jim Crawford Hosts, You Weather Today. It’s not a premiere series. It’s a special addition series episode. Just for fun only.

CNN Interviewed Jim Crawford just yesterday morning with a few questions.

“What will you be talking about on Your Weather Today?”

Jim: “What We Can Expect During The Week.”

“Why Is Your Show Going To Be Short?”

Jim: “Better Then Long.”

Will You Be Doing This Show For A Short Period Of Time?”

Jim: “Only A Few Days Each Week?”

End of News Update

CNN NEWS REPORT (May 1st 2014)


Race Car City Is Coming Soon on May 19th 2014


Coming Soon on May 19th Monday! Jim Crawford Hosts, Race Car City LIVE! on The Show will start at 4:00 PM Eastern / 3:00 PM Central Time.

At 3:00 PM till 3:15 PM, there will be the 15 minute B&W Pre Show. Then at 3:30 PM till 4:00 PM, there will be the original 30 minute Full Color Show.

Tune In and watch Race Car City LIVE on
Hosted By: Jim Crawford. Premieres on May 19th Monday.


End of News Report

CNN NEWS Reporter: Jim Crawford

102.9 Lite FM WLTE Makes it’s first debut LIVE In Concert!



Since yesterday, 102.9 FM Lite FM WLTE (Wausau Wisconsin) made its first debut LIVE in a concert series. Here’s a review of the performers music and songs:

1. “I’ve Had The Tine of My Life “- Song by: Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
2. “She’s Like The Wind” – Song by: Patrick Swayze
3. “You don’t own me” – Song by: The Blow Monkeys
4. “Hungry Eyes” – Song by: Eric Carmen

Sometime in the feature, there will be another concert series just like yesterday’s broadcast on 102.9 Lite FM WLTE. And what can we expect from them?

“Better songs from the performers!” Says Jim Crawford to earlier today. “We love concerts!” He adds.

Listen to the All New 102.9 Lite FM WLTE 24/7 for all your light rock favorites every day. And keep up to date for more news as well.

End of News Report

Story Writer: Jim Crawford