POPSUGAR LIVE From Central Wisconsin Debuts a Return this fall 2015


(Plover WI) After a cancelation of three episodes back in 2014, POPSUGAR LIVE From Central Wisconsin Returns debuting this fall September 11th 2015. A scheduled time is to be announced soon. 

Join Jim Crawford your host as he brings you lots of all new fresh topics. Including: Fashin, Style, How women should look, and more each week. Tune in every Friday starting September 11th. 

Reporter: Jim Crawford 


The Tom and Ben Show New Series From April 22nd 2015


On April 22nd 2015, The Tom and Ben Show debuted on Entertainment LIVE Network Wisconsin on YouTube. Then a long while later sometime on June 19th 2015 the show did on encore on Entertainment Network LIVE on YouTube. Here’s the full video of the show attached below.



ABC Family’s Sneak Peek At The NEW Talking Tom and Talking Ben The Movie


ABC Family is proud to announce the BIGEST EVENT EVER! The NEW Talking Tom and Talking Ben The Movie Featured by 20th Century Fox. The movie will be LIVE on YouTube before the end of 2014. Jim Crawford told CNN, HLN, MSNBC, CNBC, and FOX NEWS this.

“We’re proud to have a new Talking Cat and Dog movie and it’s going to be AWSOME.” He said.

According to the story, the movies about a talking cat and dog getting along with each other. There’s also a unexpected scene in which they’re reporting a car crash in Chicago Illinois that turns out to be true. In which case, this is the only unexpected scene in the movie.

Attached is the ABC Family Preview for the new movie. We hope you enjoy the video clip. And don’t forget, the movie comes out before the end of 2014.

Jim Crawford


Allstate Value Plan TV Ad Commercials


This is going to sound a little bit weird. But we at the Press are letting you see a little bit of an Allstate TV ad Commercial. So here it is. In fact, we’re giving you two of the same. Ones 16 seconds, the other is the same but 30 seconds.

Reporter: Jim Crawford